All Stored Inside

Dress me up decent and proper for church with Mary Jane shoes and then folded socks
Then down to the schoolyard with girls jumping rope take your turn don’t miss or
You’ll move to the end of the line


At night in your room looking out of the window at fireflies and wishing you
Were out there in the bushes with one two three ready or not
Just the voices as darkness descends


Then the cat falls out the window and falls to the ground and lands on his feet
So it’s true that they do that the land on their feet even two stories high
Nine lives after all


The rain smell at night patter on the rooftops every day a new start
 No grudges to hold no promises broken good morning again
But it’s all stored inside
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Reshuffle the Deck

Who do you think you are you’re not good enough you’re better than this why aren’t you expressing your gift there’s no place for you you’ve passed your time you don’t measure up no on sees you you’re not large enough you’re hiding no one wants to hear you you’re too vulnerable you’re too cold you’re flat you have no sense of humor you’re selfish your old you’re ugly you’re lazy you don’t work as hard as she she’s successful it doesn’t matter how hard you work you won’t be successful if it’s a popularity contest you’re unlovable you don’t have charisma but you’re addicted to words

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Mysteries in Those Rooms

A dream about a house with many floors and many halls
Winding stairways, hangings on the walls
For every passion there’s a room
For every room a door
See the crumbling curtain, as it falls
A dress for a child from a long ago stage
Pastel laces yellowed now with age
For every memory there’s a thread
 For every thread a knot
See the knot untangle, turn the page
Bless the space within us as we enter the unknown
It’s not lonely
We are coming home
Behind a door a closet hides an organ deep within
Tiers of keys some cracked and worn so thin
For every treadle there’s a creak
For every key a groan
Feel the pipes awaken, shake the floor
I would not dull you with my song
All this was hidden for so long
Like all that travel
I can still resume
Bless the space within us as we enter the unknown
It’s not lonely
We’re coming home
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