in dreams i can fly


in dreams i can fly


Friday Night Date


The Child Left in Me


When the Angels Come to Call


Oh Mama


Click on the title for the lyrics:

  1.  Happy Like That     2:42
  2.  He Called Me Beautiful    3:00
  3.  The Thundering  3:08
  4.  You’re Lucky   3:29
  5.  Hovering Angel   3:44
  6.   Friday Night Date  2:32
  7.  The Windows of Your Eyes     3:20
  8.  Drink From the Well    4:19
  9.  Devil’s Lake     2:27
  10.  Oh Mama   4:23
  11.  There Will Always Be Storms   2:55
  12.  The Child Left in Me     3:07
  13.   When Angels Come to Call 3:00

Claudia Anderson – Piano, Guitar and Vocals
Al Ehrich – Cello and Bass
Steve Dawson – Guitar and Vocals
Sue Demel – Vocals and Djembe
D.C.Anderson – Vocals and Harmonica

Cover Art “in dreams i can fly” oil on canvas by Shannon Richardson
Photography by D.C. Anderson
Cover Design by Jennifer Shilt Graphic Design
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